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ENGB31 Lecture Notes - Alliterative Morte Arthure, Mabinogion, Mark Of Cornwall

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Natalie Rose

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Le Morte d’Arthur
Love in chaps. 1-3: “So, for the love of King Mark, did Tristan
conquer the Queen of the Hair of Golf.”
- Reine, vous crier merci, afin que vous apaisiez le roi.”
Elle trmble et pleure. Mais Tristan loue le Seigneur
Dieu, qui a montré le peril à son amie.
“Oui rien, je vous ai mandee souvent et toujours en
vain: jamais, depuis que le
The Potion: narrative function and conceptual implications?
“Love pressed them hard, as thirst presses the dying stag to
the stream; love dropped upon them from high heaven, as a
hawk slipped after long hunger falls right upon the bird”
o the potion its given to the wrong people
o gets its power from the fact that it is breaking the
chivalric bond
o love has nothing to do with marriage
new space and relationship of a personal aspect
that has nothing to do with the court or chivalric
The avowal: dynamics and implications?
o Trembling each for their first vowel
The potion is “an alibi for passion” (Denis de Rougement,
Love in the Western World)
“OIn courtly love a metaphorical power replaces real social
Unlawful love: How does the story deal with adultery?
o “[M]en seet his and that outward thing, but God alone
the heart, and in the heart alone is crime and the sole
final judge is God. Therefore did He lay down the law
that a man accused might uphold his cause by battle,
and God himself fights for the innocent in such a
o Difference between personal love and social love
o God is working in a newly, personal and technical way
in the story
Technical: they have to carefully claim what they
are innocent of
Iseult has to get Tristan so have him to hold her
Precise parameters of their love story
“lie that I love her unlawfully”
“he loved loyally”
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