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Natalie Rose

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1/23/2013 2:18:00 PM
In-class Essay
Typed up outline
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Morte d’Arthur
The Tale of King Arthur
Is this the Arthur you were expecting?
o becomes familiar after he has been established into being a
o Uther and Ingraine= conception of Arthur
How does Malory present Merlin and magic?
o He is a mystery and there is something suspicious about
Merlin and what his character means
o Merlin changes Uther into the “form” of her husband
o Similar to the story of Hercules
o Arthur was at first not the best fighter and needed magic and
Merlin to rescue him
o Merlin can do almost anything with magic
There’s no limit to magic in this story
Careful boundaries and parameters
- relationship between Arthur and Merlin
Merlin acts like a mentor to Arthur
Arthur is head of everyone and Merlin acts higher than Arthur
because Arthur acts upon what Merlin says
Merlin manipulates his power
Merlin plays politics
Matter of fate and predestine
Merlin is actually is intervening
Merlin tells Arthur what he only needs to know
Supernatural aid, counselor is the role Merlin fulfils
Merlin doesn’t stop Arthur from marrying Gwenevere
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