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University of Toronto Scarborough
Natalie Rose

1/23/2013 2:18:00 PM ENGB31_Jan23 In-class Essay  Typed up outline  Single sided Morte d’Arthur The Tale of King Arthur  Is this the Arthur you were expecting? o becomes familiar after he has been established into being a leader o Uther and Ingraine= conception of Arthur  How does Malory present Merlin and magic? o He is a mystery and there is something suspicious about Merlin and what his character means o o Merlin changes Uther into the “form” of her husband o Similar to the story of Hercules o Arthur was at first not the best fighter and needed magic and Merlin to rescue him o Merlin can do almost anything with magic  There’s no limit to magic in this story  Careful boundaries and parameters - relationship between Arthur and Merlin  Merlin acts like a mentor to Arthur  Arthur is head of everyone and Merlin acts higher than Arthur because Arthur acts upon what Merlin says  Merlin manipulates his power  Merlin plays politics  Matter of fate and predestine  Merlin is actually is intervening  Merlin tells Arthur what he only needs to know  Supernatural aid, counselor is the role Merlin fulfils  Merlin doesn’t stop Arthur from marrying Gwenevere Arthur and Accolon:  How does the fight enhance our understanding of Arthur? o Arthur’s power depends on his magical sword and sheath o He is powerless without it o Intervention of Nyneve o P.61 he cant win but he can defend himself without his sword and sheath o He has proven himself  What are the roles of Morgan le Fay and Nyneve?
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