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25 Jan 2013

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
"bob" and "wheel"
on many broad hillsides settles Britain
with delight; = BOB
Where war and grief and wonder = WHEEL
Have visited by turns
And often joy and turmoil
Have alternated since. (14-19)
Key issues in Part |:
• what is the effect of beginning with Troy?
• He is the noblest ---- the heir of Tory
• How is Arthur's court presented initially?
• King Arthur was very "boyish"
• What do we make of Arthur's ritual of not feasting till he's been told
a marvellous story or a knight has demanded a duel? What are the
implications for considering the genre of the romance?
• He is very demanding and he has a demand for
entertainment (pg.93-94)
• There's an extreme desire for entertainment within the story. A
huge contrast. King Arthur vs. Violence and Knights vs.
Violence > a parallel
• fantasy vs. fight
• medieval marvellous = fighting
• Arthur craves the genre of romance yet at the same time he
craves the action of violence
The last stanza of the poem is the mirror image as the first page.
•it is intricately patterned
•the extra five lines at the end of the poem what does it mean?
> explore for bonus marks
• How is the Green Knight presented, and what are the implications?
• The Green Knight is of a big stature —> possibly of half giant
• He's the height of 14th century fashion —> most elegant
clothing and it suits him. He's extremely attractive
• He kind of follows the entire theme of "extreme" >
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