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Natalie Rose

1/30/2013 4:31:00 AM ENGB31_Jan28 Book V: The Book of Sir Tristram of Lyoness  Interlace, episodic, inset tales  Infinite regress of knights o Lancelot/Tristram/Palom ideas/Lamerok/La Cote Male Tayle/ Alexander  Compare to Bédier‟s version. What are the effects of any changes? What des Malory seem most interested in? o Unlike Bédier, using a potion for love, this version is about Tristam and Iseult truly falling in love naturally o Different presentation of King Mark  Not nice, mean  Only marries Iseult, not because of love, because of sheer petty (jealous of Tristam)  Complete coward who doesn‟t put any defense at all  “He slithered off his horse when Lancelot attacked”  Mark functions like the dragon and threatens the princess  Laid Cornwall to waste by not being able to defend it o Tristam and Iseult end up in Lancelot‟s castle not in the forest o Lancelot writes a letter to Tristam telling him that he has betrade Iseult; also a betrayal of the men-friendship o Everyone supports Tristam, their love is not antisocial o Lancelot and King Mark endorse the love between Tristam and Iseult o Toward the end, “[Y]ou will bring shame upon me. you are now the most honoured knight in the land, and were you absent form the feast, would not all the lords and ladies at the court say: „How now? Where is our noble Sir Tristram? See how he hides in his castle with his lady, passing his time in jousting and hawking when he should be at the feast, in order that we may all see and acknowledge him. Is it not a shame that Queen Iseult was ever born, or that he was ever knighted, let alone that he should love her, and she withhold him from the honour which is his due?‟”  How Iseult sees their relationship  His stake at going to the feast; even though their love is everlasting, they still need to socialize  She is really emphasizing that he needs to be a part of the court  Depart form her to maintain the tide with the court  Tristram needs to preserve their reputation  Being seen publicly  Opposite of Bédier‟s version o “Cinderella act”  stepmom tries to kill him, but he works things out Malroy  Reconciliation, fellowship o Ex. stepmother, Bleobris, Sir Segwarydes o Lamerok and Sir Bellyaunce: “Sir, you yield where, had our positions been reversed, I should have kille
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