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ENGB31 Lecture Notes - Phantastes, Fairy, Fraxinus

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Natalie Rose

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PHantastes cont’d…
Phantastes as a manifesto for the marvelous and the imagination (key
element in the ramance)
o Vs. “facts” and realism (Hard Times)
o Reality and fantasy on a continuum: the marvelous is immanent in
o Childlike wonder
o Nature
o Feminine realm of faerie
Late c18th: unhealthy feminine romance vs. the novel
The farmer: “The very voice, kind and jovial, seemed to
disrobe the room of the strange look all new places wear
to disenchant it out of the realm of the ideal into that of the
actual” p52
Disenchanting the idea of faery land
Realism and rationality
The Marble Lady (ch.5)
o Lack
o Narcissistic projection
o Possessiveness
o the alder maiden
p44 “it was so real that I forgot that I was in faery land”
enprisonned in his physical senses, not in the ideal
of the fantastical world of faery land
The Alder maiden:
“there was something […] in this yielding which awaited no gradation of
gentle approaches, that did not vibrate harmoniously with the beat of my
inward music” p46
o not goes well because it seems a little too easy
o the image looks like she is shoving his into the cave
o not a good girl, a sexually aggressive female
in line with the Victorian morality
her tale “at every turn and every pause, somehow or other dixed my eyes
and thoughts upon her extreme beauty […]. I lay entranced”
“a strange horrible object. It looked like an open coffin set up on one end;
only that the part for the head and neck was defined from the shoulder-
part. In fact it was a rough representation of the human frame, oonly
hollow, as if made of decaying bark torn from a tree. […] the thing turned
round - it had for a face and front those of my enchantress, but now of a
pale greenish hue in the light of the morning, and with dead lusterless
o the knight and Anodos kind of replays percivale’s story that
anodos reads in the beginning of the story
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