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Natalie Rose

ENGB31_Feb27 PHantastes cont’d…  Phantastes as a manifesto for the marvelous and the imagination (key element in the ramance) o Vs. “facts” and realism (Hard Times) o Reality and fantasy on a continuum: the marvelous is immanent in reality o Childlike wonder o Nature o Feminine realm of faerie  Late c18th: unhealthy feminine romance vs. the novel  The farmer: “The very voice, kind and jovial, seemed to disrobe the room of the strange look all new places wear – to disenchant it out of the realm of the ideal into that of the actual” p52  Disenchanting the idea of faery land  Realism and rationality  The Marble Lady (ch.5) o Lack o Narcissistic projection o Possessiveness o  the alder maiden  p44 “it was so real that I forgot that I was in faery land”  enprisonned in his physical senses, not in the ideal of the fantastical world of faery land The Alder maiden:  “there was something […] in this yielding which awaited no gradation of gentle approaches, that did not vibrate harmoniously with the beat of my inward music” p46 o not goes well because it seems a little too easy o the image looks like she is shoving his into the cave o not a good girl, a sexually aggressive female  in line with the Victorian morality  her tale “at every turn and every pause, somehow or other dixed my eyes and thoughts upon her extreme beauty […]. I lay entranced”  “a strange horrible object. It looked like an open coffin set up on one end; only that the part for the head and neck was defined from the shoulder- part. In fact it was a rough representation of the human frame, oonly hollow, as if made of decaying bark torn from a tree. […] the thing turned round - it had for a face and front those of my enchantress, but now of a pale greenish hue in the light of the morning, and with dead lusterless eyes” o the knight and Anodos kind of replays percivale’s story that anodos reads in the beginning of the story o lack of paying attention and the pride implies that he is being punished o she is not a human being but a tree; front is beautiful, but when she turns around she is hollow and ugly o Anodos is punished for his sexual desires for her and seeing her only for her outward beauty  Farmer’s wife says that her beauty depends on the man’s desire  “The birds were singing, but not for me” p.50 o lost of innocence, cannot see the ideal anymore o fallen out of communion with faeryland and doesn’t see it the same way anymore o “cast out” of eaden; not being able to understand what the creatures say + also a lack of communion with nature/ natural world o more experience = loss of wonder and loss of communion with nature  The knight: o Romance fellowship o “Never […] shall this armour be furbished, but by the blows of knightly encounter” The Trees:  Beech vs. Ash o Beech: a tall tree with smooth gray bark and glossy deciduous leaves. o Beech tree saved Anodos o P.31: beech tree sings to Anodos to sleep  Nurturing, protective, maternal o Ash tree is all negative images and always wants to devour  Has the ogre figure o Beech tree: motherly figure/ Ash tree: rough, fatherly figure  “[His eye] seemed lighted up with an inifinite greed. A gnawing voracity, which devoured the devourer, seemed to be the indwelling and propelling power of the whole ghostly apparition”  Beach vs Alder o Play the good women with a nurturing seductive aggressive approach
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