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University of Toronto Scarborough
Natalie Rose

ENGB31_March4 Fanstastes cont’d… Cosmo’s sotry: “art rescues nature form the weary and sated regards of our senses, and the degrading injustice of our anxious everyday life, and appealing to the imagination, which dwells apart, reveals Nature in some degree as she really is, and as she represents herself to the eye of the child, whose every-day life, fearless and unambitious, meets the true import of the wonder-teeming world around him, and rejoices therein without questioning?” p98-99  How does the plot workd itself out? o Demere goes missing, Cosmos smashes the mirror to break the enchantment and free the women o Smashing the miroro means that he cannot see, but must to break the enchantment  Similar /parallel to Anodos’s experience with the marble lady o Comos is to liberate the women and dies in the process, liberating at the cost of not seeing her AND causing his life (connecting self- sacrificing love with art)  focuses on the other person  Music: “My sense was as yet too gross” o Body vs. spirit o Music  poetry  prose o “alas! It is like trying to reconstruct a forest out of broken branches and withered leaves. In the fairy book, everything was just as it should be, though whether in words or something else, I cannot tell. It glowed and flashed the thoughts upon the soul, with such a power that the medium disappeared from the consciousness, and it was occupied only with the things themselves. My representation of it must resemble a translation from a rich and powerful language, capable of embodying the thoughts of a splendidly developed people, into the meager and half-articulate speech of a savage tribe”  chapter 5, p93  the this book works as music to the readers rather than a novel o “two souls, loving each other and longing to come nearer, do, after all, but behold each other as in a glass darkly”  “for now we see through a glass, darkly, but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known” 1Cor. 13:12 o “[A]s I looked at the pedestal, I thought I saw upon it, vaguely revealed as if thorugh overlapping folds of drapery, the indistinct outlines of white feet” o Shadow (dream) vs. song o Transgressions: Marble lady flees; fairy palace disappears  What’s outside the fairy palace?  outside, very rocky, stony landscape; Great Waste, wasateland where nature signifies death.  Stones signify tombstones Wasteland  Katabasis: descent to the underworld  Descent  upward movement o Anodos’ name from “pathless” to “upward path”  “I no longer called her to myself my white lady” o Stops being so possessive  The goblins: “The galvanic torrent of this battery of malevolence stung to life within me a spark of nobleness, and I said aloud, ‘Well, if he is a better man, let him have her’” o Goblins do helpful work for the rehabilitation of Anodos o They help clarify and let Anodos go o “Besides being delighted and proud that my songs […]  Goblins are external manifestation of himself  P163-167 o Pathetic fallacy  Type of personification  “Hundreds of hopeless waves rushe
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