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University of Toronto Scarborough
Natalie Rose

3/15/2013 6:57:00 PM ENGB31_March13 The battle cont’d…  Curtis vs Twala: “ this absurd piece of Quixotism” o Quixote: “Quixote – “A person resembling Don Quixote, esp. one who is inspired by chivalrous but unrealistic ideals; a person characterized by romantic vision or naïve idealisem”  Curtis as Ignosis’s double  Anagnoris: o “Thou are the king” o “the winter is overpast, the summer is at hand” The Mines  Mystification: “anxious to investigate the mystery of the mines”  What part of the structure of the quest is this? o Not set up to be like a treasure hunt; suppose to be a chivalric quest o Economic exploitation of Africa  Contrast between the 3witches and sheba’s brests o Gagool’s revenge  “We were buried in the bowels of a huge snow-clad peak. …[W]e were as already dead”  “All the mandhood seemed to have gone out of us”  Line 253-254: o “we stood still with pale faces [… ] the most fortunate men on earth”  how do you read the findeing and losing of the treasure? o “a valueless thing at the last”? o “We stood still with pale faces and stared at each other, the lantern in the middle and the glimmering gems below, as though we were conspirators about to commit a crime, instead of being, as we thought, the most fortunate men on earth.”  P254 o Solomon never got them, nor anybody else..  They are like the triumphants and “better” than their biblical people  “There we stood and shrieked with laughter…”  King solomon received treasure form Ophir (1Kings 10)  1871: Karl Mauch argued the Great Zimbabwe (rediscovered 1867) is the biblical Ophir o they claim that it is impossible that it can’t originate from Africa th  19 century racism  white-washed and European philosophical and ancient history Bond  Kurtis and brother  Quartemain and son “At times as ye look back down the path of life […] ye will think of how we stood shoulder to shoulder […] “  Nostalgic, isolationist fantasy  Reinvigoration of English mandhood  At the end, all three white men have maimed legs The Golden Compass  Gender and the intertextual quest  MacDonald  Lewis  Pullman  “What I really cannot understand is why [the chronicles of Narnia] are hailed as great Christian books. They’re not. … They are profoundly racist, they’re misogynistic – he hates girls and women … he hates life.”  “One of the most vile mom
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