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University of Toronto Scarborough
Natalie Rose

March 18 The female Hero and Agency  The romance novel: quest for love  Female hero in fantasy and science fiction o Marvelous agency  The tomboy hero of children’s fiction  What are Lyra’s strengths? What enables her to survive o At some point she needs to act stupid o P247  She is a practiced liar  Doesn’t mean she has a powerful imagination  she builds on and manipulates the truth  in service of the good and in service of the truth  she builds a fluid identity where she can slip into roles; her identity if form through her ability to lie  become anyone in her situation  “Lyra silvertongue” with words and language  in many ways her lies have a fundamental line with the truth  her lies anticipate into the truth, doesn’t come out of nowhere  she soon stops lying to the good people and lies only to the bad people  “With every second that went past, with every sentence she spoke, shefelt a little strength flowing back. And now that she was doing something difficult and familiar and never quite predictable, namely lying, she flept a sort of mastery again, the same sense of complexity and control that the alethiometer gave her. She had to be careful not ot say anything obviously impossible; she had to be vague in some places and invent plausible details inothers; she ahd to be a artist, in short” o the “truth-meter” (alethiometer) is connected to her lying o truth meter is a symbol reader that has to be read like a book o th
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