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Natalie Rose

March 27 Game of You cont’d…  Fantasy and the fantastic  The introduction to The Land o Starts off as the land is dying o Predictor of the end of the world o The wasteland at the beginning o Kind of like Narinia o Bardy’s quest is to heal the wasted land o Natural landcapre  What is natural vs what is fantastic o Martin tenbow? Is like a guide who talks about the city  Making it seem like NY is the unreal realm and the land is the real realm  The supernatural invasion of New York: “this is a fantasy world, too” (Delany) o Notice all the crossing  The colour of Barbie’s world kind of bleed out to black and white  Fantasy aspect to NY  The way how Barbie is fake – a fantasy to her where she tries to make herself fantastic – the way she forms her identity  Compares the subway to a magi carpet ride  “moment of hesitation” (Todorov, The Fantastic) o the marvelous (supernatural accepted)   The Fantastic   The Uncanny (supernatural explained)  supernatural is completely accept so no one questions  antasy vs Fantastic  two Fantastic alterities  Intertextuality o Barbie keeps referencing the Wizard of Oz o “I felt like Bilbo in Mirkwood, in that bit where the giant spiders get them” - The Wizard of Oz - childhood books on her self represents her dream world  wizard of oz, book on witches, narnia  her parents wont let her read comics  her dreams derives from her collections of books  “This is the twilight zone. I’m in it, you’re in it, the I-don’t-like-dogs lady’s in it. Shit happens. This is New York” o Twilight Zone o Outer Limits o Breakfast at Tiffany’s - character’s reality of the world derives from culture and media, and gives a sens of identity  Dreaming: “Reality” of The Sandman (important for reading the endi
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