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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Natalie Rose

ENB03H3 : WEEK 5 – LECTURE 5  Arthur’s achievement He drave , the heathern; after slew the beast and fell’d, The forest, letting in the syn and made Broad pathways for the hunter and the knight and so return’d Blow trumpet he will lift us from the dust, Blow trumpet! Live the strength and die the lust! Clang battleave and clash brand ! let the king reign(490-92)  The account of arthurs’ origini right o be king 1. bedivere – shameful swiftbess : all before his time 2.Bellicent - fair / beyond the race of Britons and of men -Bley’s account -Merlin’s riddling tripplets, and truth is this to and that to thee. Arthur: Arthur not fit to be king; not bellicent’s son  Leodegrans’ dream  Lancelot’s response  Arthur and quinevere: o She saw him not or markened not, if she saw one amoung any , but arthyr felt the lifht of her eyes into his life smite on the sudden  Why does Arthur want to mary Guinevere: he wants a wife o Contrast maloryy: he wants a wife: o Key diff of marriage: spiritual union ; is absolutely fundamental to his rule and success o It is not the political aristocratic marriage we see in MALORY ; but it in not entirely selfless; man and wife union ; symbolism unity of society ; o Marriage ceremony:  May: emphasis on may ; arhtuur and guinever get married in may and repeated o The season: beginning of summer not to autumn and decline o Natural imagery of spring and summer and day and night ; built in problem with  Arthur rules in a space  The holy grail: o Arthur’s origin: o The form of this poem is: poetic form: dueloge, monologue o Dramatic poetic forms:
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