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ENGB31H3 week 10
Nurses: their strange blank incuriosity the way their littile trotting demons seemed to be
-sister clara’s a brisk , blank, sensible air :she would be able to stitch a wound or change a bandage
but never to tell a story
Eve was after knowledge
Curiostiry : quest / questioning
The fall is the best the most important thing that ever happened to us, and if we had our head
straight on this issue, we would have churches dedicated to eve instead of virigin mary
Fortunate fall : felix cupla :
Milton, blake and the intertextual ending
Paradise lost as intertext
Epigraph from Milton
God’s dark materials
Barnar strokes heresy
Of man’s first disobedience and th fruit of that forbidden tree ( paradise lost 1-2) : traditional view
of book disobedience
C.S Lewis : PL is about disobedience
Miltons’ devial as amoral beign as far superior to his god ( pb. Shelley)
o God as unjust tibterine tyrant
o Alyra ; set up as second eve
Satanic/ promethean/ bryonic hero
o Outsider, crime,( mad, bad and dangerous to know)
o Lord asriel
Unravelling of the family romanc (freud)
Parodies family reunion as happy ending
Oh the bitter anguish! She had thought she was saving roger and all the time she’d been working
diligently to betray him…
“Lord asriels’ welcome”
Fit agency with destiny :
Destiny: worrying about own plottedness
o 388 :
Complicates good and evil
o The characterization of romance follows it’s general dialectic structure // characters tends
to be either for or againstthe guest …( frye , antomy of fiction)
Intertextual repetition of another reading of PL: Milton’s achievement is to make us sympathise with
the devil and confront us with the seductive power of evil ( Stanley fish)
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