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Lecture 5

ENGB31 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Bors, Chram

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Natalie Rose

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The lady of the lake in the old legends is the church(n.16)
Camelot :
The coming of Arthur: exploits legendary staus of king Arthur to ask question about evidence
and truth
The holy grail “ investigates the subjectivesnes of experience:
o Pervivale’s sister -> Gawain
o Deafer: said the blameless king “ Gawain and blinder unto holy things Hope not to make
thyself by idle voews Being to bling to have desire to see( 866-9)
o Compare SGGK
The entwinement of the worldy and the spiritual compare Malory :
o This chance of noble deeds will come and .. lost in the quagmire (318-20): without the
grail quest the social need of Camelot will go on lot
The quest is begin redfined .. not aboiut marvelous but social duty and policing
.. by the end of poem Camelot has become wasteland.. without the holy grail
o Ah Galahd … not for these ( 293-4)
Arthur : Is not dismissing at all he is making very clear the holy;
o Faith decline s few are those whoem the quest is a asource of spiritual strength.
Percivale’s experience, summarised in note 6:
o The gratification of sensual appetite brings Percivale… Nor does Fame “
Compare percivales remeeting his childhood sweetheart with marlorys perrcivals test ? are they
o Thou shalt by as Arthur in our land( 605)
o It humanis the relationship : the quest is being opposed not just to sex but cus of
fundamentally human ties : forc ehuman needs and contintuation of life
o Malory: holy qrail: the quest to leave earth
One night my vow brunt me within … cared for her nor anything upon earth ( 606-11)
Bors sees the grail: devalues it because it recast in science, complete diff anti- romance
Malory: the grail appears to them differently
o a mocking fire ( 667)
o Tennyson note : it might have been a meteor
o In color like finger of a hand / before a burning taper ( 690-1)
o But if indeed there came a sign from heaven Blessed are Bors , lancelot , and percivale,
For these have seen according to their sight. And as ye saw it ye have spoken truth
Lancelot :
o In me lived a sin, so strange o of such a kind tha t all of pure … not to be pluckd’d
Higly values will cling to sin : what It means to be human
Malorys’ The tale of Sir Garaeht and tenny son’ Gareth and Lynette:
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