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Natalie Rose

ENGB31 Lecture 2  Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (and the romance) th  Romance is established by the late 14 century  The interesting fact about this poem is the way it talks about the genre  The feature of this poem that makes it a romance genre is the fact that its written in the Vernacular  14 century revival  The form has a bob and wheel stanza at the end  This rhyming is a feature of French poetry and not Anglo-Saxon and is therefore a formal and modern poem in terms of its Scandinavian esque dialect.  It is one of the dualities and tensions in this poem  Questions whether it is a pious religious poem or a response to secularism  Celtic folklore first time there’s a beheading and was then translated into French romance  Key issues in Part 1:  What is the effect of beginning with Troy? - Arthurs court are the inheritors of the Greek Civilization -Relating to an Epic in history -Large contrast between the vast significance of Troy and the one on one battles -Nice inter textual foreshadowing -There is some trouble involved in this legendary descent from Troy. The last stanza of the poem zooms back on Troy it’s a mirror reflection of the beginning (beginning is mirrored in the end)(25:25) -Arthur likes to be entertained: he has this ritual of not partaking in a feast until he has heard a curious tale (line 93-94) or a knight has begged for a trustworthy foe in jousting. -It is an extreme desire for entertainment and it has become ritualized Arthur craves romance or the genre of the romance  How is Arthur’s court presented initially?  What do we make of Arthur’s ritual of not feasting will he’s been told a marvelous story or a knight has demanded a duel? What are the implications for considering the genre of the romance?  How is the Green knight presented, and what are the implications? -He is ginormous -He is extremely well adorned with gems and jewelry -Has the most elegant clothing (line 179) most attractive -Following the whole extreme theme since he is so adorned -He is exactly what Arthur is looking for since he is so
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