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University of Toronto Scarborough
Natalie Rose

ENGB31 lecture 6 Midterm compare two Arthurian characters adventures or themes one must be medieval Sir Gawain or Malory Le morte de Arthur continuedIs this the Arthur you were expecting Merlin always has the answer Arthur may be the King but he is very dependent on Merlin and his powersIt seems as though Merlin manipulates situations its not that Merlin is on the out skirts doing magic he actually intervenes and uses his magic and manipulates situations this raises the suspicions Merlin manipulates Arthur and tells him only what he needs to know He is essentially a guide and a counselor to ArthurMerlin tends to put Arthur in his place which shows how Arthur isnt really as powerful as he thinksHow does Malory present Merlin and magicShows that men are interchangeableeven though the characters seem to have specific fates they are also all interchangeable in terms of their stories essentially it doesnt matter who carries out the action the end must be the sameArthur and AccolonHow does the fight enhance our understanding of Arthur Ultimately its the intervention of ny
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