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Lecture 7

ENGB31 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Bromance, Infinite Regress, Courtly Love

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Natalie Rose

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ENGB31- Lecture 7: January 28, 13
Book V: The Book of Sir Tristram of Lyoness
Interlace, episodic, inset tales
Infinite regress of knights
o Launcelot/ Tristram/ Palom ides/ Lemerok
Compare to Bedier’s version. What are the effects of any changes? What does
Malory seem most interested in?
o In this version, it seems that they are in love even before the potion
comes into their bodies; their love is because of fundamentally being
o Their love is consummated in this version
o Think about what the different presentation of Mark does
He only marries Iseult because he wants to tear apart the love
between Tristram and her
o Who supports Tristram and Iseult in this version?
They end up in Launcelot’s castle
The Potion: “If formerly their love for each other had been strong, now it was
o In this version, he is seen as a dragon who needs to be killed
o He is who has lain Cornwall to the bad position they are in
o He is seen as the abnormal
o This makes the romance seem more realistic and less fantastical
o The evil in this book is very much human and knightly
Love and chivalric bonds
“You will bring shame upon me…is his due?” (pg 366)
o Tristram is invited to a feast in Camelot > interesting because the
whole plot of the story is for Tristram to join the ritual celebrations of
Arthurian court
o However, Tristram gets a bit bad at this moment and considers not
going to Camelot
o This is a significant statement of how she sees their relationship
because her reputation is at stake if he does not go to the feast
o She is highlighting how their love can function within this communal
ritual and society
The book is al ot more interested in bromance then romance
Thematic Focus is on fellowship and allegiance > this is important for the
structural aspect of this book; it is the high point of fellowship
Structural Significance (within Morte): parallels to Launcelot-Gwynevere
Sir Dynadan
o He is interesting from a genre perspective
o He has scaling things to say about courtly love and passion
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