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ENGB31 Lecture Notes - Bedivere, Igraine

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Natalie Rose

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ENGB31 Lecture 9
Le Morte d’Arthur continued
Poem by Tennyson The coming of Arthur
Long section in the middle gweneveres father, Bedivere is trying to figure out
whether he should marry his daughter off to Arthur; what is his right to rule;
what authenticates his kingship
In Malory we saw the marvelous and Merlin attest to Arthurs right to rule
but Tennyson asserts several questions you cannot have people pretending
to be other people impregnating women out of marriage and have them be
the hero
The account of Arthur’s origins/right to be king:
-Bedivere: shameful swiftness; all before his time; she denies the slanders
against Arthur on the grounds of Igraine being forced to marry him (Luthers)
out of shame lines 210 he says that out of the shock of her husband, she
has a premature delivery and therefore it seemed as if he was a bastard child
-Bellivent: fair/beyond the race of Britons and of men, bley’s account,
merlin’s riddling triplets: and truth is this to me, and that to thee
What kind of history or story is this? What is added or what is the difference
with Bedeivere’s story? What is the effect of this prolonged description of
how he turned up on the 9th wave?
-The effect of that is that he is divine in some sort of way; he is ‘other’ worldy
about him he is fair beyond the race of Britton and their men; he has non-
human origins (he has come from no where)
Leodegran’s dream – Lancelot’s lets G marry Arthur on the premise of a
dream; what kind of reason is this? Because he looks like a King when he
fights he bore witness to it and experienced Arthur’s God giving right to
being (127) faith and imagination and experience that work to contrast the
Baron’s base born logic
Lancelot’s response:
Arthur and Guinevere
-Why does Arthur want to marry G? Contrast to Malory
-How is marriage being presented and whats the difference from Malory?
-Spiritual union of marriage is glorified
-is fundamental to his rule and his success as a ruler; marriage is being built
in as the basis or fundamental building block of his society
-beginning of summer is always the best part
-inevitability of change is built into this scenary
The Holy Grail
Dramatic poen
-Lack of authoritative narrative voice
-Limits of subjective view
-Richness of language
-“I doubt whether such a subject could be handled these days without
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