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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Natalie Rose

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Lecture #8 Thurs. Feb.3, 2011
-Grail: symbol from Welsh stories miraculous platter
Grail chalice containing Christs blood from French romances
Grail quest: quest for divine presence; comes from the Catholic religious aspect of God
being present wine= blood of Christ
-the Grail is what restores Launcelot to his wits and makes him sane again
-healing: restoring
-Malory = follows the French Launcelot grail stories
The Tale of Sangreal
--new direction for story
-How does the religious quest relate to other previous secular quest
-Grail quest used to question secular history
-moral reading undermine what was done before?
-What makes a knight = physicality
This book = meaning and lack of meaning
-everyone wants to see the Grail = Gawain just wants to see it; Arthur = fragmentation
-the rival of Galahad= completes the Round table
-Arthur laments loss of unity, wholeness and its fragmentation
-Grail Quest = breaking up of the Round Table
Galahad = Christian knight w/out sin
--everything about him is completely different
-What new characteristic distinguishes him?
-doesnt have shield / sword in the introduction of story
-the sword and shield he receives is meant for him anyone else who uses it is seriously
physically wounded
-Galahads life is scripted from conception, ex. Of Harry Potter; Galahad destined to save
the world
-this is the supernatural working with knight as opposed to against him
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