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lecture 1

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Majorie Rubright

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Lecture outline
Our Shakespeare/ Ourselves, An Introduction
The syllabus
Tips: Reading actively
Nuts and Bols
Your Shakespeare/ Yourselves
Starting us off in the way we think today
The early modern period was the "dawn of our own"
Putting him in the middle of his own historical context
We'll be looking at early modern London as well as a bi-focal vision of how it looks back on the medieval
and earlier context as well as projecting on to us now
Shockingly different and similar to our own ways of identification
Looks at proximity in terms of gender, race and sexuality
She looks at how people identified themselves in the early modern era
Listen to the word, rather than watch a show
Shakespeare was a form of oral entertainment
He's a specter or a ghost
He always appears in multiple texts
Where is he in all of this multiplicity?
The Merchant of Venice is drastically different after the Holocaust versus the context in
which it was written
His text has multiple meanings
We should know the 3 or 4 different things that he wanted us to come away with
Our own interpretations will differ
We've never had ONE Shakespeare
Considered familiar
So much of what animates his work is alive today
We will recognize his ideas in our own debates today about gender, state power, love, desire, etc.
We owe our metaphors and tropes to him - for the most part
Coming to Shakespeare for the first time, but we all know of him and he's part of our lives in some way
shape or form
10 - 15 words that you do not know, and write the definitions from the OED, make a dictionary!!!
Will be writing an essay on a single word by the end of this class
In film - around the world
Sells - used in advertisements
It wasn't, it was a policed state - not a comfortable, sexy environment
If you were at the top you were lucky
Very clandestine relationships
We've romanticized this era and the context
2nd to God, Shakespeare is the most googled "person"
Where does Shakespeare live today?
Situating ourselves historically
Intro Lecture
Monday, September 12, 2011
11:38 AM
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