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lecture 5

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Majorie Rubright

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Tender Buttons
There is a visual analogue to what G.S is creating
Visual portraiture
Trying to get a picture of movement
She refers to it as a picture
How to you record still live, especially without verbs
The still life - mostly having a dead fish, fruit, flowers, accoutrements of domestic life (i.e. pipe)
Her most cubist work
Noun heavy - names of anything
Poetry is very concerned about certain clauses, and an arrangement of verbs
They are one in the same
Poetry is the very notion of "what"
"What is poetry." Therefore What = poetry
Pros are the balance between sentences and paragraphs
Pros are the balance between emotional and non-emotional
Sentences are emotional but paragraphs are not
There's a level of disjunction in what she says
One can only speculate
Whenever we read poetry we automatically assume that there is a double meaning and cannot take it at
face value
Which is different to association - the description is overwhelmingly tied to the word, making it
difficult to separate the two
Reason why it is tied to abstraction
Writing by suggestion - created through the arrangement of descriptions
The white hunter is naturally crazy
A White hunter - "an abstraction of colour"
It's close to white, but the dirty white
Dirty is yellow
Here she's talking 20 - 30 years later
Having something that is still very abstract, without context, can still produce certain suggestions
Dirty has sexual association, physical uncleanliness
A Piece of Coffee "Dirty has an association I would not use words that have definite associations"
We're always trying to make sense of things
A Waist "there is so much one must reject to keep the even smoothness of suggestion"
Mixtures of the aural and the picture
Visual analogue
Peeled Pencil, Choke "… sound pictures"
Sugar "… complete realistic picture"
When we look at works of art that were "ahead of their time" were considered failures during
their own period
Through failure advancements are made
You can recuperate from your failures
Paradoxical and oxymoron phrase
Tender Buttons "… as much failure as successa complicated simplicity"
Like reading - why is it that when we have to read something we find it difficult, even though we
know how to read?
It is complicated and simple at the same time
Her use of "and" creates a structure
Lecture 5 - 26/09
Monday, September 26, 2011
9:12 AM
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