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Majorie Rubright

Shakespeare in context II July. 8, 2013 Article discussion: Rabbit = man who grows up, exemplary Christian Duck = Machiavellian prince Intransigently fixedly multivalent (paradox)  pg 295 of Duck article  Multi-valence = multilayered Once you start seeing the other, you can’t go back **Next class = debate  focus act 5, scene 2 of Henry V Pick a short exchange, no more than 6 lines and focus analysis on a particular word. Look word up in OED and lexical dictionary. Pick the meaning you think actor should have in their mind. Antony and Cleopatra: - Themes: ideas of rule and theatricality of rule o Ceremonies, speeches esp in Henry V - Sexual passion expressing sabotage - Dichotomy between east and west (Rome and Egypt) - Egypt = lust, romance Rome= Time, law - Cleo= kind of player (aware of her own theatricality) o Worries about her part being played by a squeaky boy (metaanalysis) - Two diff antonys depending on where he’s located - Is this play a tragedy? If so, who’s tragedy is it? - Cleo = threatheing to rome not just because she’s antony’s wife o Slowly expands her geo-political power o Henry will also expand his geo political power through marriage to Catherine - Parallels b/w cleo’s seduction to antony and Q. Elizabeth’s well known affair w/ Essex o England and Spain war with Q. Elizabeth o Both of these women think of themselves as powerful women (almost mystical goddess figures) o Cleo  Isis and Queen  Virgin o Antony died for an entire act before Cleo dies o Cleo controls the speech of o/s o O/ characters have difficulty interrupting her too  Even as Antony is dying he asks to speak a little and Cleo says No, let me speak - Tragedy in Shakespeare’s time is somewhat self-inflicted o Ex: Othello is too trusting therefore he kills his own wife which is his tragedy (his very nature leads to his tragedy)  How you work, is going to be the thing that brings you down  Ex: Hamlet’s misery leads to his tragedy Queen Elizabeth: The golden age (speech to troop at Tilbury) o Handout of the famous speech  Problem of what if there are traitors within the army?  Army = way of escaping poverty; there to be paid when the war is over  Therefore not all patriotic (they just need a bigger tip)  Q. Eliza is aware of this when she makes the speech  Idea of king’s 2 bodies (body natural, and body politic) o Q. Eliza’s natural body is that of a “weak and feeble women” BUT “heart and stomach of a king”  reminding ppl of the body politics (metaphor for the kingdom of England)  Also reminding them of her blood lineage to Henry V - Love affair b/w cleo and antony may have reminded ppl of Q. eliza and her “favourite” Henry V - Hist play tagedy that o/ 2 enres don’t pose - Early mod audience would have been somewhat confused as well since this genre was being created only during the time that it was being performed - Shakes hist like a dramatic experiment  audience needs
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