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Lecture 2September 9 2013Key Concepts Shakespeares WorldThe Curtain The Globe the date of the first London theatreCapacity of playhousesDangers of the theatreGentlemen Citizen Yeoman artificers laborers LibertiesPopulation of London 15206000015501200001600200000Places win the theatre The Yard Groundlings Lords RoomTheatrical detractors stage v pulpitDeuteronomy 225Master of the Revels Sir Edmund TilneyAllowed copyQuarto First Folio 1623 Foul papers fair copy the book of the playpromptbook Situating ourselves historically Important Dates thth The English Renaissance Early 16 centurymidlate 17 centuryShakespeares Life baptised April 23 1564death April 23 1616Shakespeares Writing Life 15901613 Renaissance vs Early Modern EraTerms used interchangeablyRenaissance looks backo A rebirth of western classical learningEarly modern is the sense that this is the beginning of something that will become familiar to us The Theatre and London and its Liberties o Liberties is outside Londons city limits th Spectacle was a central part of life in 16 century EnglandQueen Elizabeth dies in 1603 o The Rainbow Portrait o The Royal exchangeArches were erected throughout the city o For performancesKings and Queens would spend upwards of a full day moving throughout the city watching performances staged by small merchant companiesThose of higher rank might have been invited to the Queens courto Formal portraiture was a part of the spectacle for foreign visitorsOrange women o Prostitutes would carry oranges to let people know their tradeCockfights were popularBearbaiting was a popular blood sport at the time o Bear tied to a post w a chain it would fight dogs etcBoth bearbaiting and theatre going were considered similar bc both were illegalPublic executions were held on a scaffold o Scaffold was also a word for the stage at the timeRegular play going in London started in the 1570s o Theatre called The Curtain opened in London in 1570Street performances by troupes of travelling actors were enjoyed before the theatre was popularized o Mystery playsChristian mysteries of the BibleNoahs ark etc o Morality plays Characters named Evil Vice would fight it out on stageActivities of large crowds could not be controlled easily due to the fact that there was no central police forceThe mayor is forced to answer if disorder occurs but he cannot enforce order wo a central police force Sedition is critical subversive references to affairs of state or to living persons of high rank o The Queen The Lord Mayor etcAuthorities worry that plays might invoke practiced sedition o Plays themselves could spread new and dangerous ideas o The theatre can be infectious in both a metaphorical and literal way All boy actors play both men and womenContrary to Biblical orderWomen exhibit power over their husbandsClowns question their KingThe fear of deceit and the fear of pretense upset the Church the most o An ordinary actor could persuade the theatre goers that he was KingTheatres were all erected in the suburbs theLiberties of London just outside the city limits and the legal jurisdiction of the Lord Mayor o Despite this the mayor is still held accountable for what happens thereDemographic Info o London was the largest city in England by far o Following Shakespeares death it was the largest city in Europe o Population almost doubled in Shakespeares lifetime o Lots of immigration due to employment opportunities o Theatres
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