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Lecture 19

Lecture 19 Notes

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Majorie Rubright

Lecture 19HamletKey Questions 1 Why does Hamlet delay avenging the murder of his father by Claudius his fathers brother 2 How much guilt does Hamlets mother Gertrude who has since married Claudius bear in this crime 3 How trustworthy is the ghost of Hamlets father who has returned from the grave to demand that Hamlet avenge his murder 4 Is vengeance morally justifiable in this play 5 What exactly is the ghost 6 Why is the ghost visible to everyone in the first act but only to Hamlet in act 3 7 Is Hamlets madness feigned or true A strategy or reality 8 Does Hamlet who once loved Ophelia continue to love her 9 To be or not to bewhat is the question 10 How does this play explore the relation of BEING and SEEMING 11 What does textual history help us understand about HamletFoul Paper Questions1 Is Portias mercy speech compelling and persuasive to you Do you think that it should persuade Shylock Whywhy notPortia speaks about mercy in this scene in order to attempt to teach this foreign concept to Shylock Portia defines mercy it is not strained twice blest and states that mercy is enthroned in the hearts of kings However Shylock is not a king In this way her speech may be seen as persuasive as it suggests that if Shylock has mercy he can become a king However there are moments when this speech does not seem
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