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Lecture 20

Lecture 20 Notes

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Majorie Rubright

Lecture 20 Youtube How the English language was developed HamletWhos therehaunting start o More than 1 Hamletmultiple texts o Instead Whats there1600 Hamlet written quarto1603 sto First folio1623not 1 edition ndo 2 quarto1604 title was the Tragicall History of HamletSo its both tragedy and history1116p 1699folio edition with indentions of parts from the 1604 quarto edition o Had to decide which version was more authoritativethree versions nd 1603half the length of 2 quarto o To be or Not to Bespeech is different among the two versions sto For 100 years 1 quarto was called BAD quartoshortened of course they not acknowledge that they were wrong o less artfully constructedWhy Whys it short and bad y Because of memorial reconstruction o Actors attending plays in theatre might come from theatre and write their own drafts and send in their own scriptsbootleg version o You can rip off a playCompany of actors of a theatre own the playtheres no copyright1603Preface suggests that this version is the authentic one o There are lots of stolen maimed textsthis one suggests that it gives a cured versionBehind Whos therebehind that is the EDITORS behind Hamlet o Is that what Hamlets askingWhat motivates Hamlets melancholy sadness madness Hes a psychological thinkerHamlet is Oedipal complex come to lifesons repressed desire for mother psychologically kills fatherhere desire for mother makes him NOT remove father surrogate father Claudius kills father and marries motherHamlet cannot wish his father dead because the surrogate father already does thisClaudius does the act Hamlet unconsciously wanted to do o Oedipus kills father marries motherunknowinglyIs Hamlet a tragedy of ambition Or is it a story of desire that cannot be expressed Or is it a loss of innocence o Hes shocked at moms sexual desire for husbands brotherhe loses innocence this wayPlaygives sense that we can access a characters inner psycheR and J has different motivation than Hamlets effect of languageintensely thats rich deep and powerfullyintroduces 600 new words to his corpusShakespeares longest playmost influential text on English language
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