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Lecture 22 Notes

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Majorie Rubright

Lecture 22 1 The Play within the play2 Confrontations Hamlet and Gertrude in the closet3 Revenge Hamlet as an actor ie a player and a man who has moved from thought to action34 1 Preconceptions about women that Hamlet reveals o How do they affect his belief that his mother CHOSE Claudius in love o 2 Who sees the ghost What does the camera suggest about it Whose perspective do we believeFreudian reading of motherson relationship o 1 because she didnt remain a widow she betrayed both menBecause of her ageidea that shes past his prime so shes cant have love or lustIdea that women are like mice mousethey have to be a pet to a husbandHe cant understand why she stepped downshe didnt even pick a better manto Hamlet his father is the best person he knows y But on the film there are 2 equal objects2 picturesGertrudes need to see them as equalHamlet tells her to keep the better half of her heart and throw away the restGertrude as fallen because shes become more commonAre we to believe Hamlets vision or Gertrudes vision o Hamletsbecause we too can see the gho
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