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Lecture 3

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Majorie Rubright

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Lecture 3:  Mary = catholic  Henry VIII = protestant  Elizabeth= protestant o 1558-1603 - England= religious state - Eliza’s time= more protestants - Titus: opens up w. succession crisis - Structuring doubles: barbarians = Goths & civilians= Romans - Lavinia’s body signifies Rome - Saturninus= power driven (shows power to everyone0 - Verbal agreements in marriage in early mod eng very impt  almost seems illegal when lavinia moves from one bro to a/o in the eng audience’s mind - Appearances of oppositions falling into alliances - Mutius helps lavinia to be w/ bassianus  undermines titus’s dignity & power after having just given it to saturninus  kills “traitor” son - Levels of the stage play o Loft o Scaffold o Pit  all dead bodies go% where lavinia’s rape happens - Tamora = true poli
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