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Lecture 4

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Majorie Rubright

Lecture 4: Key concepts for Othello:  Composed ca.1603  Based on short story by cinthio  Venice  Race  Climate theory  Moor  Noble moor, Christian moor  Moor of venice  Integrated dual?  Divided identity?  Walking paradox?  Blackness  Ethiopian  Turk (turning turk)  Anthropophagi  Conversion  Mobility of identity  Psychology of man – “I am not what I am” (1.1)  Venice & Women (3.3) o Clime, complexion, degree Lecture Outline: 1. What is a moor? 2. Christian Europe and the ottoman empire and Africa 3. Conversion (faith and race) 4. Making sense of climate theory 5. Close analysis of acts 1-2 6. Insiders/ outsiders: shylock & Othello 7. The moor of venice (not in or from) 8. Charting the language of difference in Othello a. Why Is Othello so vulnerable to iago’s lies? Lecture begins: Themes in Titus: 1. revenge and reading 2. Hands, mouths 3. Violence and passionate grief * Hand for a son (unjust deals, pt for a whole) - hands: service/ dishnour/ betrayal * tongues: plot device * mouth: “hollow cage”  Lavinia transfored into a barbarian (literal origin meaning)  cant speak or be understood  Greeks give westerns concept of passionate grief (titus’s loss of sons/ damaged daughter)  Original title: the most lamitable tragedy of titus  Lament means you are absolutely soaked/ consumed with grief  Consuming = key word o Only when all the kindness has been eaten away does he become a revenger and kills and feeds tamoras sons and proceeds to kill his daughter o Consuming own children literally  Lavinia= allegory/ emblem for misery  Passion expressed overflowingly but reason controls  Rhetoric tragedy: human kind even in greatest extremity can control the howl of wilderness o Comes from greek and demands hand gestures & speech o Emotions must be expressed 9titus and lavinia cant do this)  Blackness of Aaron o Interiority and exteriority get mapped onto one another o Eng irish considered black too  Northern Europeans considered dull-witted  When does aaron use roman wisdom? o God motivat
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