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Joel Rogers

ENGB33H3 Lecture 2 Sept 11 2014 1Lecture 2 From Performance to PrintHenry Peachams illustrationTitus Andronicus a true understanding of its context is accomplished by reading section of the play where Tamora Queen of the Goths is begging for her life as well as that of her sonsTitus holds the upperhand and ultimately rejects her plea to spare her firstborn son but spares her lifeElizabethan Lifeshifting from catholicism to protestantism 4 broad classes of English citizensbut later on becomes twopeople in power and people labouringcross dressing is prominentwomen are play by young men in theatrical performancesEngland would look to the continent particularly Italy and France when it came to fashiontouring companies would play for officialsIssues in Editing Shakespeareversions of the play were published after touring in order to make extra moneyderived from memory so there may be differences in the original copyscholars are unable to tell which version of the play is the originalKeywordswar hypocrisyrevenge tragedy and violencepiety and pityThe Swan Theatrethere were lots of people standing around the stage with different classes mixed together ie prostitutes and high class women mingling togetherwomen in the audience was unique to Englanda freedom women of the continent did not havelots of different smells and people jampacked into one spotno proper air circulation or venting systempeople believed disease spread through smell in the way we believe germs spread diseaseEarly Modern English Dramawrittencowritten by playwrightsperformed by acting companies in commercial theatres or court spacesparts played by menyoung boysprinted after performance usuallyrevised and restaged after publicationEngland was the theatrical centre of that time still current today
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