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Emily Simmons

June 5 1893 – The story was printed 1891 – Thomas Hardy story Dubliners New Woman - Represent the role of woman in the 1890 culture - It is the proto feminist - She is a subject not an object - There are accessories to describe her - Pants, Cigarette are ways to identify the New woman compared to the tradition woman of the time Modernism Ideology Epiphany - A sudden awareness that you didn’t have before - Eg. Epiphany in ARaby where the boy realizes something very important Fin de siècle Keynote – A musical term George Egerton - Calls her stories keynotes - Spell White elf a story of hers that in a way features the New Woman phenomenon - Story has a woman that works and lives by herself - The word “spell” and “elf” implies magic o The stories has two supernatural words in the tital - However the story is about mundane everyday live George Elliot - A famous female author in the late 19 century Yellow Book - A periodical, convenient and easy for authors to publish stories - Has an interesting history in relation to other periodicals - A periodical is a magazine or journal which has relation to the current time - This o
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