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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Daniel Tysdal

Lecture 4Characterization in GuttedOrigin of literary epiphanyStevick The whole significance of such stories their whole justification for being is invested in that moment of insight around which the rest of the story deploys itself 419Workings of literary epiphanyShort stories tend to deal with characters who are constantly attempting to establish identities their worlds do not supportEpiphany and unknowing the epiphanic moment often marks a challenge to knowledge constituting a means of unknowing rather than a means to knowledgeEpiphanys double structure the epiphanic moment can provide a stable sense of closure and adumbrate a new orderEpiphany and illusion The insights often disabuse characters of their illusions about the world the story presentsEpiphany in GuttedWhat is the narrators epiphany What inspires itHow is this epiphany represented For example compared to the respective epiphanies in The Lady with the Dog and Sonnys BluesDoes the narrator change Is he a static or dynamic characterSonnys Blues The Stories within the StorySetting time and placeCentral charactersCentral conflictJames Baldwin 19241987Born and raised in HarlemHis aptitude for writing at a young age attracted the attention of Countee CullenHe explored issues of race and sexualityCritics have written that Baldwins power resides in discovering that sphere of commonality where although differences exist those dissimilarities are stripped of their power to block communication and stifle human intercourseConsidered one of the greatest American writersThesis statement 1The narrator of Sonnys Blues recounts stories about his failure to wonder about the life that Sonny lived inside 27 These stories demonstrate that the narrators failure to wonder 27 was the result of his skepticism about Sonnys eager and active imaginationWhat are two of the stories the narrator tellsThe story of Sonnys fantasy about mystics in India 26The story of the narrators conversation with Sonny after their mothers funeral about Sonnys future 314What goal or intention unites the telling of bothWhen I saw Sonny many things I thought I had forgotten came flooding back to me This was because I had begun finally to wonder about Sonny about the life that Sonny lived inside 256
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