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Lecture 2.1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Daniel Tysdal

ENGB34 Lecture 21 Week 3 Elements of the Short Story CharactersFirst set of Questions The Lady with the Dog y Setting Time and Place o Russia Moscow y Central Characters y Central Conflict o Both characters are in love but they are married to other people o When Gorav gets back to Moscow it was just not a fling so he decides to pursue Anna y Plot Second Set of Questions The Lady with the Dogy What does Gurov think it wouldnt be a bad idea to make her the lady with the dogs acquaintance 111 o Why does he feel this She is alone with no one and no husband o There is basic motivation within the scene she is vulnerable o He wants to have this extromarital affairHe was bored with his wife he didnt like being at home and he didnt like the public interacts with menHe has a misogynistic view of women like they are in lower ranks o The opening 110111 o It is the feeling of the new that ca
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