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Lecture 22 Notes

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Daniel Tysdal

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Lecture 22 Matchimanito o Figures of the figureMicrofigurefiguring at the level of the word to form a sentence to form a paragraph o Figuring a way to know the world through the textfiguring a community of which character is part o Sets up two extremes we can look at a textinterpreting actions of a character o Particular choices give us body of figureshapes choice of words details that are noted o What is normalthis is what the state of the world isFleurintroduced into world of narrator and changes everythingthrough her we look at larger community o Outsider Government agenciesTraditional families o Narrator and Fleur in relation to lost community o Physically ill people completely haunted o Fleur and narrator enter space between living and dyinglike Wakefields world o Road westpassage of the deadP 239 pgh 1 passage Threshold IBeyond Living Dead y Sickness about being thrust into loss of communitytries to make palpable this experience o Cold dark some let their blood stop o crack our cold
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