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Natalie Rose

ENGB35 Jan 21, 2013 Hobbes: nature is not a good thing. Humans and civilization manage nature and keep it under control. This is shown in Crusoe because he does not sit and admire the natural beauty of the island, but he begins to work it and bring it under control. th  At the end of the 18 century, the idea changes to that nature is lovely and all humans do is destroy it. Cannibals There is a hysterical response to the cannibals: monsters, hellish, degenerations of humanity, inhuman etc. etc.  Crusoe begins to have ideas of he should massacre all of the cannibals. Violence is transposed from violence to Crusoe‟s „righteous‟ violence. The difference between the controlled European and the evil natives has begun to collapse.  Eventually, he begins to question his own motives. He does not know what God thinks of the cannibals so who is he to judge?  Cannibals don‟t know anything beyond their existence: back to the Lockean idea of education. No one is innately evil, they are products of their society.  Crusoe leaps from one extreme to the other: completely evil to innocent victims of their society. o Discourse on religion? o Like a metaphor for the idea of what children were: from evil beings in need of salvation to the idea where they need to be taught to reach their full potential. Cannibalism – Friday‟s opinion: they only eat the people that they defeat in battle. It‟s a cultural practice and they don‟t eat Europeans.  Completely undermines Crusoe‟s paranoia Crusoe tames Friday, like he claimed the island – Friday as an extension of the island.  Crusoe is afraid that if Friday were to leave, he would forget all of his teachings and bring many people to eat Crusoe  Again with the paranoia The other ship that had been shipwrecked – Crusoe imagined that the Europeans on board could actually turn to eating each other, based on necessity. Again, the divide between civilized European and uncivilized „other‟ is broken down. ENGB35 Jan 21, 2013 Friday I beckoned him again to come to me, and
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