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Natalie Rose

ENGB35 Jan 30, 2013 C18th: public sphere (men); private/domestic sphere  Jim Hawkins made it all the way to an island; Jo March only made it next door From contemporary reviews  “Capital story for girls – sure to please them and sure to influence them for good”  “the moral teaching [is] conveyed in a manner to make a lasting impression on the children who read the book‟ o i.e. L.W. is a straightforward, moral book o Girls would follow the lessons learned by the book‟s characters o The moral framework is not hidden – hits people over the head with the morality The Moral Child “Playing Pilgrims”  The game that the March girls play, based on Pilgrim‟s Progress  They are supposed to follow this idea, getting rid of their individual burdens  “Burden‟ (chap. 4) echoes Christian‟s burden o Must get rid of personal failing  “Beth finds the Palace of Beautiful” (6) o Christian  “Amy‟s Valley of humiliation” (7) o Amy must suffer humiliation for her vanity  “Jo faces Appollyon” (8) o Jo must face her own temper  “Meg goes to Vanity” (9) o Meg visits the Moffat house  “Little Faithful” (17) o Beth represents Little Faithful, a creature that Christian meets in Pilgrim‟s Progress Pilgrim‟s Progress provides the moral structure for the book  An allegory in which the pilgrim, Christian, takes up his burden, leaves his wife and family and sets off for the Celestial City – i.e. heaven o Places he visits represent spiritual challenge o The meaning of his adventures comes from beyond the text – adventure doesn‟t matter, it‟s what the adventure represents that matters ENGB35 Jan 30, 2013 This book (Little Women) is not straightforward, Puritan literature:  In that type, children must find God then they die, because they are too pure for the world  The March sisters are not quite following this – they are playing a game, using an already romanticized idea of childhood  The problems that the girls face are not spiritual but more real world and ethical  Beth is “not… an angel but a very human little girl” o Even though she does follow some of the Puritan framework – she is the most good of the children and is ill, most likely to die. However, she is not a Puritan, she does not want to die.  “The March sisters are the first „naughty‟ children allowed to survive and prosper in American children‟s literature” (Ruth MacDonald) o Are not fundamentally punished for their burdens Louisa May Alcott  Her father could not provide money for family o So Alcott and her mother had to provide the money  “I do it because it pays well” o Little Women was sort of written to order – in children‟s lit, there was not enough girls literature so she was paid to write one  She did not write the book in order to push her own moral code Book deeply split between fantasies of rebellion and a proper moral message and a proper definition of womanhood Three ways of looking at book:  Straightforward moral text; reinforces conventional (conservative) social constructions of femininity  Radical text for its time o Alcott was actually a supporter of women‟s rights and suffrage o Jo doesn‟t want to be a typical woman and follow rules  Radical text because problematizes social constructions of gender to such an extent that it‟s actually quite radical Little Women: What does the title suggest about children and gender?  Transition period to adulthood  Girls shouldn‟t be rowdy and rough like boys, must be gentle and hardworking young adults ENGB35 Jan 30, 2013 o Gendered adulthood – obscuring childhood – no
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