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University of Toronto Scarborough
Pouneh Saeedi

ENGB35 Anne of Green Gables  Somewhat halfway of Little Women and Treasure Island  Anne wants to find a home and stay there  TI is about Jim having to leave home to become a man  But conceptually, quite close  The key example of romantic childhood  Everyone more or less same class in this society  Not the same sense of the Marchs against the world, Anne vs. Avonlea society  Marilla vs. Mrs. March o Marilla completely not motherly o Doesn’t really know what to do with a child o Anne makes her the mother she never was  Unleashes her mothering instinct  Given the way Anne clashes with Rachel Lind, cueing us to be on Anne’s side o Poking a little fun at Rachel Lind, and everybody  Anne is quite happy to be domesticated, but vice versa, it’s not sort of enforced the way it is in Little Women  The plot isn’t one of disciplining, but the opposite, since conforming to Rachel Lind  Whereas Jo March has to go through this journey to domesticity, Anne doesn’t  She can turn around even the most old crotchety aunts on her side  Does a good job of knitting the social fabric of the town  It is the child that influences t
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