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Pouneh Saeedi

ENGB35 Anne of Green Gables 3 How Anne changes and stuff:  After she starts studying the Queen‟s examination, p. 237  She settles down, perhaps she dreamed as much as ever, but she talked less  The influence of Miss Stacy teaching her pupils to be concise  The shift in her relationship with Gilbert o That grudge is the only incident that isn‟t resolved isn‟t immediately o The rest of her scrapes get resolved fairly quickly o The more he ignores her, the more she regrets rejecting his offer of friendship  Conventialization of her, she‟s become more of a heroine with her beauty  Imagination exchanged for academics  Miss Stacy encourages the academic aspiration, and Mrs. Allan, the minister‟s wife, replaces the minister and institutional religion, kind of theological guidance there  P. 230-1  Anne becomes steady through Marilla‟s eyes o As close as the book gets to domesticating Anne Shirley  Montgomery-esque Meg‟s journey to Vanity Fair, where Anne learns that the trappings of wealth are not actually all they are cracked up to be o In contrast to Alcott does, the critique of desire of material things is framed as imagination o Same point is made when the girls come back from the poetry recitation  When they comment on the diamonds  She redefines rich to say that a) in imagination, and b) in nature  Echo of the Bible: “Things not seen” affirmation of romantic religion  Anne is coming home from being away, the landscape is the consolation to her  Montgomery does this twice, her coming and going, to show how far the narrative has come  Anne is ecstatic to be alive and to be coming home  And the miserable trip she takes with Marilla, comes true, and the only consolation Anne has is the beauty of PEI o Has fantasy about being a seagull  Ch. 36 “The Glory and the Dream” o A quotation from Wordsworth‟s Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood  Recollections from the child are always already nostalgic  The narrator describing the process of growing up  The child‟s view of the world where the nature is apparelled in celestial light, God in nature  The child is the closest link we have to God
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