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ENGB35 March 27, 2013 Dumbledore‟s chocolate frog card: Dumbledore “is particularly famous for his defeat of the dark wizard Grindelwald in 1945”  Mirroring of good and bad of both worlds  World War 2 has been taken into wizarding world as well.  You can‟t escape the worlds in either way, they affect each other both ways “On a fundamental level, Rowling is unwilling – or unable – to depart from this consensus reality; her novels, for all of their „magical‟ trappings, are prefigured in mundane reality, relying too wholly on the real from which she simultaneously wants to escape” (John Pennington)  Maybe not meant to just be a fantasy novel – it‟s supposed to be relatable. It reflects the real world in a way to make it seem as if the wizarding world can exist alongside the normal one Privet Drive is represented as the stereotypical suburban area. Dahl-esque hatred of conformity of the Dursleys. However, it is supposed to be a bit of parody of the everyday life, blowing it out of proportion. Harry Potter is obviously a romance: non-realistic; wish-fulfillment; quest structure  Death is sort of an accepted part of the cycle – Voldemort is considered unnatural in his quest to escape death Fairy-tale motifs  Harry = Cinderella Childhood Romantic ICR  Romantic investment in child – removing child from corrupting influence of society (the Dursleys) and taken them somewhere where they are protected and allowed to nurture their talents (magic)  Romantic nostalgia – no modern day technology o Defamiliarises from the outside world o They don‟t need technology, they have magic… is technology magic?  Non-rational – magic is pretty much non-rational to start with Moral ICR ENGB35 March 27, 2013  Religious standpoint o “Without question I believe that the Harry Potter series is a creation of hell helping prepare the younger generation to welcome the Biblical prophecies of demons and devil led by Lucifer himself” (Joseph Chambers)  Good vs. Evil o Harry only kills somebody (Quirrel) in order to save the wizarding world from Voldemort  Secularizes morality – it‟s by custom, not religion o “A foolish young man I was then, full of ridiculous ideas about good and evil. Lord Voldemort showed me how wrong I was. There is no good and evil, there is only power, and those too weak to seek it” o This what makes Voldemort bad – he has no moral sys
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