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Lecture 2

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Natalie Rose

Childrens LiteratureLecture 2Perraults version of CinderellaFairytale Featuresfairy a mythical small being with human form popularly believed to possess magical powers and to interfere in human affairs w either good or evil intent now esp such a being with the form of a delicate beautiful female usu W wings OEDfairytales usually focus on the innocentpowerless thats why theyve become assimilated into childrens literature because children are innocentpowerlessFairytales usually goodevil the good triumphsrdIts usually a 3 person narrator and often remains outside the storyThe characters are quite flat they dont really develop overtimeFairytales are pretty much blackwhiteThey are referred to as naked narratives meaning that they consist mostly of protagonist landscapes etcPerrault is credited as the father of written fairytales in EuropeFairytales can occur anytime or any place Once upon a timeFairytales are considered to be a subgroup of FolktalesThey originated in oral cultures as part of rituals which contained cultural lessons So theres no fixed original fairytale storyThe oldest version of Cinderella was recorded in 85060 AD It doesnt
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