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Lecture 5

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Natalie Rose

What does it meant that he is a better person in many ways than crusoe. What kind of readings of the novel can you come up with that point. Making promises and building a foundation of trust is no longer just one of many ways to gain benefits; it is essential for survival. • still need to ask so what? • what does it mean, why is this revealing • whats going on when you have to make promises to be loyal to survive In this way, relationships of trust undercut the isolating implications of individualism and teach the child reader that his or her duty is both to himself and to the group, ultimately the individual only survives in the context of the group • moves to arguing the significance of the argument • get specific Wrapping up Crusoe • 2nd half is about crusoe enacting his power over the others. • progression from Friday and cannibals to the Spaniard then to English pirates • master o colonial and racial but also Englishmen and others • ultimate fantasy of becoming king on this island o you need other people to be a king o need subjects, cant be a king truly if he is isolated • p232 o looking at maroon sailors reminds him of when he first came on shore as if he is providence himself crusoe’s mastery the subject of god to the agent of god that is able to save more people • Authorityo Mystification, fiction • Governor o Manage to fool the pirates; because the pirates are ‘stupid’ as they are working class not working class • Pg 254 o defoe draws attention to way the power depends on fiction o fits with the naturalization of power relations his power is naturalized by the people idea of natural slave o not just identity of European when he puts on clothes but he is a European ruler • end is about him turning it into a thriving colony with people o bad into good that forms his identity as a white male middle class colonialist Treasure Island • jack sparrow o Disney heir to long john silver Key changes between robinson crusoe(1719) and Treasure Island(1883) • Silver doesn’t stay in a defined place • Pirates. • robinson crusoe figure in Ben Gun o comedy version’ • pirates tricked out of treasure is direct copy of crusoes fiction of authority • Adventure is about chance, risk and money.1.middle class have economic, cultural and political power • crusoe is talking about a class that is not yet dominant but in TI that is on its way 2. British Empire • high imperialism in 1880 • adventure novels become popular o they become refined plot driven and conflict driven and about a quest for treasure • King solomons mines o treasure from frica o difficult not to read as a mythization of british exploitation of colonies • lots of worries that man who are middle class and live in the city and work in offices are going ‘soft’ o becoming femenized o modern life doesn’t have the edge of british masculinity o people aren’t standing up for themselves as they should needed more manly fiction, doing manly things no interest in recreating civilization on the island the whole point n the 1880s is to get away from domesticity • jim and mother o nobody will help them o pg 32 big hulking chicken hearted men symptomatic of british masculinity 3. Huge market for childrens fiction• TI was written for children • boys magazine 'young folks’ 1881 • directly written and sold to children Stevenson • jekyl and hide o debate about what form fiction should take imagination defines childhood Received like harry potter, popular with adult readers from the time it was published • Tapping into the idea that grownups retain some link, nostalgia for their childhood • you dont want realism all the time, o sometimes you just want to be seduced, or escape into a good story The map comes before the story in treasure island • Same thing happens in novel o Once jim Hawkins has the map Us & Them • Civilzation is superior to savagery unless you are russeau and you talk about the noble savage o Crusoe has a basic dyadic oppositional identity of us and them o in treasure island them isn’t cannibals or animals but actually English pirates o the 'other’ is an internal other • billy is the bridge between home and domesticity and adventures and treasure island • because he ahs the map and tells stories about adventure And all the old romance retold • the childs image turns out to be not as fantastic as he imagined they would beo brings up the idea that the novel is going to be more powerful than the little boys imagination different from Stevenson nurturing the boys imagination comes back to the idea that childs lit is not written BY children there is a disjunction between the adult writer and child reader 4) post Darwinian universe without providence • no trace of puritan immoral child reader o trace of it in ben gen who has learnt a lesson and tells Hawkins that it was providence tht brought him to the island chapter 15 o more emphasis on chance crusoe worked it out that everything was due to providence; this reassertion of chance is important because it flies in the face of the dominant literay form which is realism the move extreme form is French Naturalism o idea that man is a thoroughly socially and economically determined ‘animal’ has no free will and is utterly constra
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