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Natalie Rose

1780-1900 • about 100 abridged versions • it was very popular with kids in both versions Defoe • had a colorful life • a desenter on one hand and heavily invested in protestant theology • made lots of money and was very flamboyant Shifting genres from fairy tale to novel • defoe is one of the fathers of novels. Realism vs romance • try to show that which could be experienced by us Truth status • novelists where keen to stress that they were not escapism and they were true to everyday life • moira o talks about spending too much time in the unreal life 18th century • brith and euro society undergoing big changes • royal or king power is beginning to be curtailed and economic power is shifted from the artistocracy to the middle classes • mercantile capitalism in full swing o dependent on colonial exploration and expropriation of other peoples resources • all these shifts in power require and inaugurate a new conception of the person as an individual • this new bourgeoise middle class colonial individual “the editor believes the thing to be a just history of fact, neither is ther any appearance of fiction to it” • early claim from novelists• that they are fact and are history Autobiograpy • Alexander Selkirk marooned in south seas for 4 years o robinson is stuck for 20 years instead o the action is also moved from pacific to caribbean o Selkirk didn’t have a Friday type figure o crusoe stresses how well he managed to keep it together as opposed to elkirk o it’s a testament to the strength of one mans psyche and how he managed to keep a grip on reality The life and strange surprising adventures of robinson crusoe • it is father of the genre of adventure fiction • whole subgenre called Robinsonades { treasure island, blue lagoon} o any story that involves being cast away or removed Adventure fictions • hero goes out, slays dragon, conquers evil and lives happily ever after. OED: a) • B) • Always at risk of living control • things happen to you • handy form of testing the protagonists virtues • you’ll see the way in which the whole set of values that are regarded as the best values of a society are represented in an adventure o really crucial to think about what is rep or signified by what robinson crusoe do in their novelsChance Must leave home to adventure • going somewhere to find excitement; go very far away and explore • must be ‘adventurous’ in other words It sets up and opposition between adventure and risk and chance and domesticity. The hero’s are always leaving the safety of home. Late 19th century • worry that boys and men are becoming effeminized because they do desk jobs 1880-1890 • get an eflouresence that sort of compensate the fears of the domesticated manhood by giving them stories to identify with and to model themselves on. What are the values that R C is signifying? • It is infiltrating a whole culture 1. Crusoe • honoring the wisdom of providence • told it is a moral example in the original preface in the seriousness, morality • Defoe o was not a member of the Anglican church o key aspect of protestant doctrine is the idea of mans direct access to god. no need of church, ritual; just you speaking to god crusoe only finds god on this island, converted on the island • can be seen as a spiritual autobiography • Conversion narratives o going from bad to good june 29th and july 4th pg 74-75 Crusoe has his conversion • not to do with physically being lifted from the island but to be rescued from his sinful, disobedient state • Now he starts to think its good that hes on the island for that reason o pg92-93 • Fortunate Fall o Bad--- o every cloud has a silver lining • Providence o The involvement and uninvolvement of god in the world o it counters the idea of chance because god has ordained it as it is all part of his plan o Ex husks of corn first thinks it is a miracle, but then decides it is providence and is “common”{264-265} o there is a tense change ‘began to, ought to’ start early on in the novel pg 9 these tenses are as if there are 2 robinson crusoes the young one that is going on the adventure and the older wiser one that has already gone on it and has become wiser o The religious structure governs the rest of the story The overtones are sort of biblical • 19
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