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Lecture on 11/01/2012

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Bruce Hammond

Pop lecture11012012 y High Modernism and the BestSeller thy The best seller comes about at the end of the 19 century o Highmodernism cameup at the same time but was not designed to appeal to big reading publicIt was directly opposed to the idea of large number of sales y Modernists vs Best Sellers o Fiction and the Reading Public by QD LeavisTotally part of modernism interested in figuring out what was going on in modernism and to criticise itIn her thesis paper she says its great that people are beginning to read but public libraries do not provide them with the good books which she thought were highmodernist booksThe reading habit is now often a species of the drug habit y Attacking popular literature by comparing them to drug y People are addicted to reading stories that take them away from their lives y Reading becomes kind of a drugWere giving the people what they want instead of what they needShe was particularly opposed to magazines with short stories y She believed they wanted t
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