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Lecture notes of One Hundred Demons

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Daniel Tysdal

Relationship between fantasy and real Using the comics form to present fact based knowledge Era of independence- women comics artists doing the same thing Lynda Barry- Self creation self-exploration and self-preservation Address and inspire the reader With autobiography it is about writing about an experience that wasnt mainstream Writing about an experience that wasnt apart of the content that the industry was interested in Taking form of a series of tensions; series of internal conflicts Tensions and conflicts that appear again and again through barrys works Tensions with her mother Demons- tensions between wanting to face the demon to be able to write about it but at the same time wanting to forget it and keep a distance from it Image world relationship- huge text and tiny image Huge text is supplemented with image of two people standing there Obvious tension is relation between fiction and biography Described as autobiofictionagraphy Relationship between self and tradition Discovering zen text and taking the tradition up for herself Idea of making the invisible-visible Taking the internal and externalizing it Communicate your story with someone lese; come in terms with yourself She undertakes project by externalizing the internal feeling and exploring memories and the nature of memory as well as exploring interpersonal relationships
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