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Amanda U.

rd Lecture 25: December 3 2012 1 Review TH December 20 2012 from 2PM – 5PM SW 309 rd December 3 2012: 11:30 – 12:30PM December 5 2012: 10:00 – 1:00 PM From December 5 – December 20 email her for appointments Review  Format: three sections, three hours o Section 1: fill in the blanks – very similar to the quizzes (pick 5 out of 10)  Go over all texts, write down titles, authors, characters, main ideas from plot  Similar to quizzes  Think about Frankenstein for example – it has a lot going on – exotic other, mothering, READ THIS! o Section 2: short answer, 4-5 sentences (pick 2 out of 4)  Bigger concepts and ideas of the text o Section 3: essay question (pick 1 out of 5)  Usually on 1 text, but you can choose more  Don’t bring anthology !!! GO OVER THE GLOSSARY TERMS Some Themes Commodification and Consumption  Fantomina (Haywood) o Commodification of women and their bodies – Fantomina uses her body to get something,  Fanny Burney’s letters o One letter from her experience at a party will be on the exam o Talking about the body as a thing  Thinking about cutting off her breast,  “The Factory” (LEL) o children and women worked in factories that turned them into people without feelings  Jane Erye (Bronte) o Consumption in terms of fire o consumption in terms of food o consumption in terms of illness – as related to TB, think about Ellen Burke,  Globin Market (Rossetti o Literally using your body as a means to buy something, using your body as a commodity  Remember what came before what, what text came before something Chivalry  The lady in the tower troupe thing, lady that is trapped in the tower = the chivalry theme  Yonec rd Lecture 25: December 3 2012 2 Review The Virgin figure as related to the angel/fallen woman  Angel of the hearth (Patmore) o We see the fallen woman in relation to virgin figure  Queen Elizabeth o Because she was a virgin and pure, England was seen as an touchable country o She was the virgin figure o If we are to compare the fallen women, she is the one we have to look up to o Before her, who did people look up? Mary.  The virgin Mary. People would worship her, the cult of Mary.  After this, Queen Elizabeth had a cult  Fantomina (Haywood) o Haywood created a strong character but she bends her character to the social conventions because Fanotmina is a fallen woman  Sense and Sensibility (Austen) o Willoughby – a bit of a mack daddy – he’s been with many people and the girl that he got pregnant before Mary Anne  A lot of marginalized characters that are fallen  If she talked about these women, then it wouldn’t be about sense and sensibility  Austen didn’t talk about politically motivated ideas  But she did bend to social convention  Globin Market (Rossetti) o the possibility of hope, redemption o unlike Haywood who bends to convention, Rossetti, who is deeply religious, put forth the redemption  The Awakening (Chopin) READ THIS TEXT o Who is the fallen woman here? The wife, because she was cheating on her husband o Why is there French in this? She is creole and creole people live in Norland o She self punishes and self marginalizes herself, because she is a new woman, she realizes that in the situation that she is in, people don’t accept people like her Education  Oroonoko (Behn) o Two types of education – European education, this is what Oroonoko has
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