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Lecture 20

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Amanda U.

Lecture 20: Wednesday November 21, 2012 1 The awakening - the new woman - Edna’s relationship to her position as a mother and a wife - being awakened - complex relationship to women in the text Mademoiselle Reisz and Madame Ratigonolle - overt sexuality and sensuality in the text had shocked readers o people being influenced by other people Other social issues - control of public and private spaces – Mr. Pontellier’s damage control, 1327 “… saved appearances” o he wants to make sure that people don’t think bad things about them - racism o Leburn is going to Mexico  Everyone has an opinion about Mexico, page 1286: “Madame … hoped that Robert … in dealing … treacherous … no justice … as a race … personally … implicitly … stabbing his wife … hanged or not”  This has a lot to do with class – these people are all aristocrats - Orientalism o * may be on the final exam as a topic question o page 1323, “as if a magician’s hand … touched him … vision of oriental beauty … were the color of … languishing fire … ” what is the awakening? - Awaken to love - Awaken to freedom o She doesn’t have to stay at home on Tuesdays - Waken to possibility o There is life beyond being a mother and a wife - Awakens to her position in society o Its scary o She doesn’t Charlotte Perkins Gilman - 1860 – 1935 - had postpartum o because she had experience with mental illness, she became an advocate for women’s social issues regarding health, she advocated for resources and such that might help them - Harriet Beecher Stowe’s great niece o “the slave warehouse” - wrote Women and Economics – this text The Yellow Wallpaper - published 1892 - starts with the description of the mansion, 1392: “a colonial mansion … haunted house … Romantic … too much of fate … queer about” - John’s description, 1392: “he has … put down in figures … position.” Lecture 20: Wednesday November 21, 2012 2 o He is practical, rational and he is a doctor o Because he is a doctor he feels that he can best treat her - Wife described as hysterical, 1392: “… hysterical ” o Freud: a lot to do with giving birth, the moving of the womb What is hysteria? Illness and creativity  what’s the main difference between the yellow wallpaper and the awakening in terms of narration? o yellow wallpaper is narrated in first person  relation to writing and her condition, 1392: “tonic and phosphates … not allowed to write” o he doesn’t know that she is writing this o writing as t
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