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Lecture 16

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Amanda U.

Lecture 16: Wednesday November 7, 2012 1 The Brontes were jeuvinelian; they wrote fairy tales: Charlotte’s Manuscript Angria’s Manuscript Jane Eyre is largely centered around issues of class. Class effects the type of work you do and the type of Class education you receive. Class and education relates to Education larger social issues. Work food fire The idea of consumption. Consumption plays out in a Consumption couple of ways in this text. Think about consumption in relation to food and fire. The emphasis on fire is an emphasis on nature, and the way that nature manifests itself. the idea of containment which leads to ideas of isolation. The isolation and who? Jane and Bertha. Bertha like Jane is also an important character to think about. What is an Archetype? Archetype (n): the original pattern or model from which copies are made; a prototype Rochester can be defied as a Byronic; further as a Byronic hero. Byronic Hero The Byronic hero is often  self-critical and introspective  an exile, outcast or loner that is isolated from society  self destructive o towards themselves and people around them o making horrible life choices  dark attributes (thus often term an anti-hero)  has conflicting emotions  examples: Hamlet Lecture 16: Wednesday November 7, 2012 2 Manfred Quiessential to a Byronic hero. Rochester Description 714, “… dark face… stern … passed youth … 35 … ” 35 is a common age that comes up, basically it was like the cut of age “I felt no … but little … young gentleman … questioning him … offering my ….” She doesn’t see him as a heroic figure. He does have these dark characteristics and dark features. Gothic Elements: dark woman in distress evil villain supernatural events psychological terror this is very important – know this for final Gothic in Jane Eyre Grace as a ghost (710) (chapter XII): Jane thinks that Grace is the one causing all the trouble here, “I really … a laugh as … heard” supernatural ideas that relate to Grace, and Grace is really a ghost Sublime: a lot of the time in this text is really linked with Jane herself, page 723: her drawings have a lot of sublime in them. “first I must … vividly … mind … spiritual eye … aunt … second my fancy” – she admits that she does not have the best hand “third … pinnacle …” she read a lot of science texts that’s how she knows of icebergs … she really describes these texts in a vivid and ________ way. This is how Rochester judges her work, in terms of sublime. She goes up to survey the land by going to the third floor and see what the property looks like. And a lot of these descriptions involves sublime looking properties. Rochester says many times over that he is not a villain, “I am not … owning … natural bed … sinner. ”(731) The Byronic hero, usually involved with the bad boy image. There is a mystery at Thornfield, “all I had gathered … excluded” (751); she’s excluded from this mystery of what is going on. How does the gypsy episode feed into this Gothic belief? Fortune telling is sort of supernatural, that something mysterious is going on there. This is an important part of the text. A lot of the things that Jane sees is like of dreamy and unreal. Is it a pigment of her imagination. Descriptions of Jane A lot of the descriptions of Jane relate to the supernatural, Rochester relates to this idea of her being a witch, page 720, 740, 835. If you are constantly around someone who tells you you are a bewitching me, it kind of has an effect on her character. Presentiments (791), “presentiments … key … I never … I have .. of my own…” she is one of those people who dreams about things “sympathies I believe … asserting … alienation … Lecture 16: Wednesday November 7, 2012 3 trace is” she has a way of knowing, predicting the future, through these dreams and things that she is seeing. Page 816: “but Jane … wife … intend to marry … come hither … rose … equal … will you marry me?” she has no idea that the other bride exists, she knows stuff is going on btu she has no way of articulating it. 836: “I dreamt another … retreat … bats and
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