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Lecture 17

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Amanda U.

Lecture 17: Monday November 12, 2012 1 Jane Eyre’s Enduring Legacy For the second essay: WATCH OUT FOR THE MLA FORMATS!  Due a week from Wednesday  Think about traditions o Wollstonecraft – of course influenced Shelley but she I think influenced Coleridge What we have spoken of previously Ideas of class that go on in this text, it’s important. Page 871, chapter 28: “I would rather die yonder … far better … crows and … pick my flesh from … molder in a … grave” when she was sick after the incident at the red room, the doctor came in, and she made it a point to stress the fact that she doesn’t want to be in poverty and poor, she’d suffer at her relations hands instead of suffering. When she looses her bags on the train after she runs away from Rochester, she still would rather die with nature rather than be poor. Education, a very large component in this text; kind of hear Charlotte Bronte speaking. Consumption, Sublime  gothic  supernatural. Bertha and characters seem to be sublime, they seem to be not there yet there. Page 832, chapter XXV, the tree that gets hit by lightening is a larger metaphor: “I was not … air torrent … chestnut tree … trunk split down the center … ghastly … not broken from each other … could … no more … earth … as yet … entire ___. ” larger metaphor that is going on with Rochester and Jane and Rochester and Bertha. Things that Jane cant fight against. The description of the tree is sublime. Page 847, “You shall tear … right eye … heart shall be the victim … transfix it.” Charolette is pretty good at putting out the bread crumbs. The Byronic hero. The characteristics of the Byronic hero: Role reversals – master page 862 – she or he loves the other so much. 820, “I have never met your … submit” role reversals, who seems to be the boss in this situation, it appears to be Jane because she has the ability to leave if things aren’t right. Bertha and Colonialism Bertha and race, page 853, “her family wished to secure … so did she.” Their families wanted to be together because both are of a good race. What do they mean by good race? Bertha has kerol blood. Where are the colonial aspects to this? European culture in relation to the other; Rochester is like the conqueror because he is of a good race, but then he finds himself in something he is not able to deal with. Bertha’s space in Thornfiled, page 856, Bertha’s contained in the top of the house, “to … monster in the vessel … glad was I … safely lodged … 10 years … wild beast … goblin’s cell” if all of these things, when he descri
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