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A Maurice

Lecture 1 ENGB70 January 9 2013 Professor Alice Maurice [email protected] - Contact by email will be answered between 10am and 5pm, M-F, within 24-48 hours - Will “read” language films in much the same way we read other texts - Film language (cinematography, editing, mise-en-scene, sound, narrative construction, etc) - Think about how movies teach us to see, and how do movies “see” us - Required text: Corrigan & White, The Film Experience, 3 edition, can use old textbook though there are some differences, course reserves use old book, new book expensive? - Term test 25% (Feb 13), short essay 30% (March 13), final exam 40% (TBA), viewing questions 5% (?) - Reviews for term test and finals will be organized - Screenings will being at 9:30am, some will be available at stores, and made viewable at the library - Meet in class for viewing, SW309, sometimes run by TA or Prof - Use of blackboard aka Learning portal - Late assignments will be penalized by 2% per academic day - Students must retain a final draft of assignments on a disc as well as rough notes until the work has been returned - Viewing questions are due by 5pm on the Tuesday following the screening of the film topic - Questions are about the film, post questions on blackboard, less paper, can boost grades - Missing c
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