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University of Toronto Scarborough
Alexandra Flynn

Lecture Two Wednesday, January 22, 2014 3:52 PM ENGB70H3-S-LEC01/lecture%203%20slides%20B70%20Bunuel%20%26%20Deren.pdf • Plato's allegory of the cave ○ Ongoing process of getting wiser ○ They watch all the shows of the shadows ○ The prisoners listen to the names of these shadows and take this as their reality ○ Socrates asked what if one escapes and witness what is real and not the shadows ○ Delusion to enlightenment ○ Dialectal progression of thought  The thesis: The shadows are real  The antithesis: The shadow and the fire is real  Synthesis: The fire is more real  Again the antithesis: the sun is real  Synthesis: the light creates the shadows, etc • Take a look at slides for different narrative conventions that the german expressionists took • Take a look at the dialectal progression of thought • For Hagel, the highest realm is thinking • For Marx, there is no world than the material world; we cannot transcend the material world ○ Interested in the puppeteers in Plato's Allegory of the Cave Luis Buñuel "Un Chien Andalou" (1929) - An Andalusian Dog / Un. • Dream sequence ○ Ego, id ○ Sexual repression of the bourgeois • Diegetic conventions under attack ○ Story ○ Plot ○ Characters  Round  Flat  Major  Minor  Confusing gender □ Man in nun's attire  Woman with short hair from an iris shot looks like a man ○ Setting  Establish context  Introduce themes  Creates a mood  But in this film, the setting keeps shifting □ Paris □ Garden □ Apartment □ Beach  We don't know what mood it's trying to catch ○ Objects  Supposed to be constant  We get objects that are clearly important but we keep seeing the
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