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Lecture 1

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Deirdre Flynn

Lumiere brothers 1895Saw cinema as a device for recording things in motionall their films were 50 seconds long movies unedited single takes position of the camera does not changeposition of the camera is consistently at eye levelLumiere brothers first films workers leaving a factorythere is no direction or narrative lumiere brothers saw cinema as limited could only record what was done right in front of the camerawanted to record things they couldnt record on stage film was not light sensitive camera was huge and they invented it as a cameraprojectorcouldnt really move the camera and there was no zooming very difficult to switch lensesarrival of a traintrain arrives toward the camera then angle moves to the right as if the viewer is actually at the train stationRaphaels the school of Athensas a painting the reality affect is the result of illusion lumiere brothers inability to see the power of perspectiveperspective is no longer spatial and temporal we are vanishing into the storywe know that reality is a combination of what can be seen and of those who see itlumiere brothers didnt venture much into narrativesgeorges melies always wanted to be an artist
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