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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Deirdre Flynn

What constitutes a films content and what constitutes a films form content the subject of an artworkfilm the means by which the subject is expressedwhat is the content of the film The story the background what we know to have happened rd 3 term extradiegetic stuff you dont see at all parallel editing cinematic apparatus camera angles looking downneed to look at diegetic nondiegetic and extra diegeticdw Griffitha corner in wheat 1909farmer walking towards the camera throwing seeds men moving their lips the whole timemaking wheat cost more for consumers and somehow the farmers are not getting the benefitsa man controls the wheat market some guy has a heart attackcost of flour rises poor people trying to get their bread while the rich people are eating 804 shots getting shorter moving towards a crisis parallel editing gives us the simultaneous juxtaposition between the poor and the wealthy honest labour vs unearned grieve the man drowning in the grain that has made him so wealthy yet is killing himshows us the limitation of the capacity to make us feel experimental directors do not try to capture and maintain reality the want to express how reality feelsexperimental movies5 the ways cu
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