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Alexandra Flynn

Nov 4 , 2013 Film Noir Modern situation told through narrative -gritty hard boiled characters, DEATH, anti hero, femme fatale, stuck in a dynamic, psychological manipulation, negotiate/exploit -voice overs (narrative dialogue), flashbacks and present action -shadows, low key lighting; its very dark -money -many associate film noir as writing with shadows Money, Marriage, and Murder in Double Indemnity -effect of the opening of the film?  Foreshadowing, gives sense of doom/something bad is going to happen  Camera is static, we’re moving into the darkness & then it cuts to the road  City scape is disorienting, move from hobbling figure to car driving towards us  Reference to traumatized war veterans returning from war & to go back into ways of society quickly The cabinet of dr caligari -dark/war scene similar to the darkness in the opening of double indemnity -women were increasingly isolated, asked to return to the homes and be happy after the war/working in the factories -German expressionism in detour & double indemnity -double indemnity was a hit, well funded -critique of American optimism/capitalism and toward real gesture of men from the wars who are traumatized “they wouldn’t ever sell me any. They say I’ve got something loose in my heart. I say its rheumatism.”  Can’t handle the stress of the new systems/capitalism/etc; try to deal with the dark side of the American dream -workers/cleaners are surprised neff is working so late/early b/c he’s in more of a management position -lot of long static shots of eg monologue b/c director had the money to use a lot of film “I just want to set you right about one thing you couldn’t see. b/c It was smack up against your nose” -voice over is very important in film noir & there are few that don’t have it  Usually full of questions, rhetorical questions Men of ressentiment -voice over perfect for the strange dynamic, people devalue their superiors b/c they feel they are righteous/better; rest of their lives become compulsion to plot/strategize for that which they had been denied in their lives -at end of the day either achieve what you desired or become the person which you had hated -mixture of envy & entitlement, everyone has more than they do & they deserve to have more than they have; complicated denial of one’s own sense of inferiority -men of ressentiment don’t stop being econ superior, they are emotionally inferior -denial and projection, voice over shows a split ressentiment cycle -thesis  I am inferior economically, they’re superior economically -antithesis  I am superior strategically, they’re inferior intellectually -synthesis  I deserve their money, they don’t deserve it -more & more conscious with each turn, eg a scre
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